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18 Oct 2016

Hello Everyone !! Today I am here to share my web browsing experience that has got even worst in recent days. Actually from some days I am noticing my browser namely Chrome working extremely slow and improperly. No  matter whatever I am searching, ultimately getting rerouted to Along with this constantly pop-up ads are also appearing on my browsing screen. Now I literally don't know whether the domain is a reliable search engine or not. Though it looks suspicious but I am 100% sure about it. To get rid of the issue, I have attempted number of measures such as uninstalling Chrome and then reinstalling browser, but unfortunately nothing works out and I'm still haunted by the wearisome search engine So, can anyone please help me in this situation ? Thanks in advance...

Facts About

Being disguised as a perilous browser hijacker program, has been conceptualized as a  meta-search engine that do have potential of providing the users with the capability of simultaneously search multiple search engines in a single interface. Via this ability it claims to save the user's precious time as well as effort from individually paying visit to multiple search engines in order to get the desired search result. This browser hijacker program generally infects the PCs based in Windows OS. It once installed, pretends of being an applicable search engine. However as a matter of fact it is not as good as it promises. Instead, just a malicious stuff that mainly aims to hijacks the user's default homepage, startup page, new tab and search provider without the user's assent. Moreover it do include potential of modifying the settings of all the well-known web browser programs including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge. 

The main sole intention of the develop of is to generate online profits for them or to make promotion for fake softwares. It once loaded, tracks the user's surfing session and then according to that serves the users with advertisements. This is basically done to entice the users into tapping them. Tapping them ultimately  results in the evolution of the redirection issue to several phishing websites that may include numerous more spyware infections. Meanwhile it also sniffs the user's sensitive data and then transmit it to the online marketing agent for illegal purpose. Thus, regarding an effective usage of PC, it is undoubtedly very essential to remove quickly from the PC. – Infiltration Method

Generally My Lucky Search (another name for cones bundled with several other freeware programs and intrude in the PC at the time when users download and install those programs considering them 100% trustworthy. Actually the main reason liable behind this is the careless attitude of users while installing any program i.e., not paying required amount of attention to the entire installation procedure. By taking the advantage of this, the developer of such malicious programs hides the details regarding the modification in the browser's settings within the “Custom” or “Advanced” settings of the download/installation processes. So, when the users rush these processes and skip the steps, the threat inadvertently sneaks inside the PC. 

Unpleasant Practices Implemented By in PC once activated, conducts a series of disastrous activities inside the PC. First of all hijack the entire browser and then assign the new tab URL, default search engine options and homepage to it's malicious domain. Because of this victim are forced to visit this vicious domain every time whenever they open a browser / new browsing tab or just simply tries to search anything via the URL bar. This frequent redirection downgrades the system's browsing speed badly. Moreover also steals the user's confidential stuff and transmit it to the third parties or potent cyber crooks who literally misuses it for generating illicit revenue. Additionally, it also weakens the antivirus programs installed in the PC and perforates several other malicious infections inside the PC. So, to get rid of all such hectic issues and to browse effectively, an urgent uninstallation of is needed. Considering that purpose it is suggested to implement the below discussed set of manual instructions as they have been proven enough capable of uninstalling almost every category of malware infections from the PC. 

Manual Removal Of 

Removal Of From Web Browsers

Google Chrome

Step 1 : Eliminate unwanted homepage & search engine from Google Chrome

  • Firstly Start Google Chrome, tap on options icon (Located in very top right side of the browser ), tap om Settings. A configuration page will get displayed. 
  • Now under configuration page find a option namely “Open a specific page or set of pages” tap on it's Set Pages. After that another window will come up. Here the bunch of URL's will get appear under “Set pages”. Delete all them and  following that enter only one which is to get used as the homepage.
  • Further in the same configuration page, tap on 'Manage search engines' button. Delete all the search engines from there and keep only as the default search engine. 

Step 2 : Eliminate unwanted extensions from Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome, tap on options icon (Situated in very top right side of the browser), after that tap on Tools and then click on Extensions. 
  • After that user will get a configuration page including list of all the installed extensions, eliminate extension. Besides, also remove all the unfamiliar / undesired extensions from there. To eliminate them, tap on remove (recycle bin) icon. 

Step 3 : Reset Google Chrome – Restore to default setting

  • First of all open Google Chrome, tap on menu icon and retinue that tap on settings. 
  • Further scroll down and tap on 'Show advanced settings..” option, later on more options will get appeared at the bottom of the page. So scroll down more and tap on “Reset Browser Setting” option.
  • After that Close All Google Chrome browser's window and then reopen it again. 

Internet Explorer

Step 1 : Eliminate from homepage

  • Initialize by opening Internet Explorer and after that go to Tools menu. Following this tap on Internet Option, a configuration page will get opened. Tap on General tab. Further look into under HOME PAGE Edit Box, will get seen, replace it to and then tap on apply and close. 

Step 2 : Eliminate add-ons from Internet Explorer

  • Firstly open Internet Explorer and then after that go to Tools menu. Following this tap on Internet Option, a configuration page will get opened. 
  • Tap on Programs tab and then click on Manage  Add-ons. After this a window will get appeared including the list of all the installed add-ons. 
  • Further disable the add-on. Along with this also disable the unfamiliar / unwanted add-ons from the list. 

Step 3 : Reset Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer. Tap on Tools menu, click on Internet Option. Now a Internet option window will get open. 
  • For IE9. IE10 users may tap on Gear icon. Retinue this tap on Tools. 
  • Next tap on Advanced tab and then tap on RESET button. 
  • After this a new popup for confirmation will get appeared. Tick mark on the 'Delete personal setting' and then tap on RESET button on that. 
  • Now the user's Internet Explorer has been Restored to default settings. 
  • At last a popup stating "complete all the tasks" will appear. After the completion tap on close button

Remove threat from Browser shortcuts

Below mentioned step are applicable for all the browser's shortcuts including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari as well. 

  • First of all right click on the shortcut of Google Chrome. 
  • Tap on Properties and press the Shortcut Tab. 
  • Next remove the from the Target field. 

To eliminate from several other browser shortcuts, implements above discussed steps. Removal From Registry

  • Press Window key + R and a Run Box will get appeared. Here type REGEDIT and tap OK. 
  • Now once the registry editor window opens, go to Edit and then tap on Find option. 
  • Next type s and hen tap Find Next. 
  • Further once the search results get found, delete the registry key or value containing string. 


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